Paris Waves RXTX Radio Exange Tower

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///Urban sites like country landscapes are immersed in a new kind of electromagnetic flux and pulsations with the rise of the last generation communication technologies. The old analogic radio modulation waves are supplanted by digital discontinuous signals. This constitute a new environment in which ecological, biological and cognitive aspects of our society are in constant mutation and evolution. Probably, by the past, mutation factors came from planetary and cosmic electromagnetic activity. Now, GSM, radio emitters and relays, having replaced guard and bell-towers, and and scramble the natural frequencies. Paris, "City of Lights", presents with the Eiffel Tower a good position to reveal both VLF and electrosmog activity. Pulsed electromagnetic information and natural electroplasmic echoes constitutes an emerging plastic material, whose insidious interaction with the alive one and cognitive process reveal new fields of exploration in the slides of our technologic interface society.///

About recordings of elecromagnetic fields & VLF in Paris on 04.21.07

Abstract : EM Activity recorded on the proximity of the Eiffel Tower one day before the presidential elections.


///Trifield Electromagnetic Meter (Electrosmog) on MAG (magnetic) & RMW (Radio/Micro Wave) mode/// Trifield Natural EM Meter + Antenna (for unexplained aerial activity) on MAG, SUM (potential difference between Electric fields & R/MW) & R/MW/// NASA VLF-3 (Inspire Project)///